Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE)

CO-CREATING LINA - suppOrt & evaluation materials

Supportive peer relationships and an inclusive class climate have a positive effect on the well-being of students in the challenging and further development-determining period of school change. The D.O.T. Research team is developing the first digital intervention game for the classroom (LINA) with the involvement of stakeholders in order to strengthen these important aspects. In the course of the PPIE project, in a new further step, the stakeholders (students and teachers) are actively involved in research processes in order to jointly develop the practical implementation and evaluation of LINA. Using different PPIE methods, three co-development workshops are planned.

In cooperation, (1) evaluation tools and (2) materials for teachers are developed and analyzed, and (3) a LINA evaluation study is jointly implemented. We expect this close cooperation to improve the quality and acceptance of our resulting materials and to strengthen trust in research. Our research results and experiences with PPIE are published in a scientific article.


The Citizen Science Award has been held annually in Austria since 2015 with the aim of strengthening cooperation between schools and scientific projects. By participating, schoolchildren get exciting insights into science and participating school classes can win attractive cash prizes of up to € 1,000.

In our project, the students will slip into the role of social scientists by testing exercises for social learning with the class. These are selected by the teacher from a catalog provided by us. The students test these exercises, discuss the experiences under the guidance of the teacher and can suggest improvements or new ideas on the selected topics.

The aim of the project is to develop and optimize training opportunities for social learning so that they can be used in a free program by all schools to improve the class community. All suggestions for adaptation flow directly into the further development of the materials of the research group D.O.T. a. The data are evaluated completely anonymously and only used within the research project. No names or other personal data are collected.

To participate with your class or if you have any questions about the award, send us an e-mail to anna.maedge@kl.ac.at and we will contact you as soon as possible for further voting.

Participation creates added value for the students, as they become familiar with methods of scientific work and the exercises and the discussion process help strengthen the class community.


List of topics and sample exercises from the class community 2.0 project

Information materials for parents and students

Information letter for legal guardians
Information letter for students

In order to be able to use the data collected via the online questionnaire as a research project, it is important that parents and students have been informed about the project in advance and have the opportunity to contact us with questions. We therefore ask you to send out the information materials in good time before participating in the project.

The declarations of consent for participation can either be sent to us by post or scan, or you as the teacher can inform us by e-mail that parents and students have been informed about participation and have given their consent. If you have any questions about the process, our data protection coordinator, Ms. Mädge anna.maedge@kl.ac.at, will be happy to assist you.